Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's almost one year since I stepped into this island in which some of you might say: "Aiyooo, so small can't even see it from the world map!" Yes, I have been living in this island for a year. What I felt grateful is God actually listen to the voice of my heart. Apart from doing my routine work as a ward pharmacist, I had this opportunity to join this meaningful program called "Pharmacy Outreach Program". It's a program funded by the Ministry of Health of Singapore to visit patient who is frequently admitted to hospital due to poor family support or drug related problems.

Each home visit is a valuable experience to me:

...My first home visit was not going to patient's house, but to a hospital to pick him up....There was this two old couple, one with poor vision and one with dementia, taking each other meds due to poor family support... Despite his own illness, the dedicated husband still take care of his wife, serving her the meds, refused to admit to hospital even though he is sick, worried that the wife cannot cope on her own.

These are real life stories, I have seen very good and very poor family support background, caregiver in despair, lost, stress...I have also seen cases whereby patient just give up him/herself.

I've give in my best to offer them my help. It makes me feel rewarding whenever they say a simple word "Thank you". It makes me feel like cloud nine when they can cope with their medication better, not taking the wrong drug or at the wrong instructions and they get better and happier! I'm glad that they give me these opportunities to seek value in my work, giving me all the positive energy and clues to dispense the medication effectively.

It makes me realise that we should not ignore all the small little things we can do for them. Because, it will makes a huge difference on them. Never say no for any extra things you can offer for your patients. They are here in the hospital because they need someone there to care for them.

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