Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh my god.I have been neglected my blog for long.Im so sorry.Always wanna update something here but sometimes im just too lazy and too tired.Hehe.Everday here is like so busy and the weather here makes me feel so sleepy.I think i will update my blog more often from now on.This is one of my new year resolution?haha

Just finish my exam here.Sigh~My senior,Hui xin is right.3rd year d few1st sem exam is horrible.It snatched all my happiness away and everyday i felt sooo gloomy and depressed.Partly because im not eating something good here and i miss home badly.I never thought that i will have homesick here.But dunno why somehow when u are helpless or down, House is the only place u wanna go.Is a place where u will have tons of love and care.Is a place where u will feel safe and people there will give u strength to move on and cope with all the difficulties.I had few nights dreaming back home and when i woke up, I felt miserable.

This sem is really tough for me and im glad that my friends and family gave me lots of support.If not i really dunno how am i gonna strive through.I dun wanna bother about the exam anymore,at least im done.I've tried my best.Some is hard like shit and i cun digest.I dun care as long as i dun have 2 face it anymore during august.I just feel like making everything end soon and go home.But i cun.Still have to apply summer placement here.Kena reject by all the community pharmacy already.Now, teh only hope is hospital.Sometimes i just hate doing all the applying stuff.Is so boring and takes so much time.I hate that so much.But no choice.well, will start doing it maybe after Monday's calculation test.Haha, actually my exam not yet end.I just assumed that is end.I just ignore the calculation test cause it is just a 30mins test.

Ohya, just now after exam, all of us went to Beeston to have dinner.I was so full and im glad that my appetite is back again.I think i ate 2bowls of rice just now.Then went to Sainsbury and saw the cereal that i like got so happy till i grab two different flavours.This brand seldom have promotion one.And with this brand, i dun mind taking cereal every single day.even night as supper?haha.quite crazy though.bwahahaha.Got time i will snatch a pic of it and show to u all.hehe.

Now i dunno what i wanna do.maybe i will go watch Up.Im kinda outdated.Till now oso haven watch this movie.haha.Then maybe i will tidy up my room abit or decorate it.whatever, i just wanna relax.

Last but not least, would like to share with u all my exam timetable.Believe it or not, all of us manage to survive after that.haha.

Tuesday 9-12noon
Wednesday 4.30-6.30pm

Ohya, one of my friend gave me a shock.She revise the wrong module on friday and she only realised that the moment she step into the exam hall.OMG!i dunno how she manage to do the paper.I dunno how am i gonna cope with that.haha.

will have more updates soon:)

With loves,


  1. wah, wrong subject, that is sad...

  2. haha,but she is so brave.She went and sit for the exam.I really respect her for her bravery.Is not easy man.good luck in ur exam too:)

  3. totally understand..exam time is emo time and homesickness strikes u the most during that period too!!!

    good that everything is ended for u..
    stay happy..^^