Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jogging is FUN when...

....its with ur besties.TEOH YIEW WENNNNN

1st time jog in the UK.the cold weather and cold wind.When was the last time since i sweat profusely?Don't take into account the times when I run like a dog all the way to medical school in less than 30mins to attend a lecture.

I miss the time when we can go to the UNMC lake and take a stroll or jog.The scenery there was tranquil and nice.And those ducklings!They do look "yong sui" to me but now i miss them.Shit.I bet they are very happy now.Duhhhhhh.

This time we chose to explore around the housing area cause I hate going to the university lake which means I have to walk pass the uni.I dislike.

Finally walked towards william's house and thought of calling him out.Actually we both thirsty and wonder if he can offer us coke.hehehe.Sadly that fella is not at home.But, we managed to gave his hsemate,Kah Chong a shock.

Nothing much to talk about cause now wad i do is eat, sleep and stdy.when im bored, chatting is the best leisure time.Less than 2months i will be in the embrace of my beloved and family.I miss every single things in my house and i miss all of them.

but now, I can only express my feelings here and another moment I will have to head back to the piles of notes.Reality is cruel.Life is not always a bed of roses.But still I always have this fantasy.I should slap myself to be awaken.No more fairy tales.No more happy ending.


Miss teohhhhh

We will wait for you to come back.

Lets go conquer the Broga Hill once again.We will wait for you!!!!



  1. ahahhaa, sorry ya, i was away. is it today? if yes, i'm at uni, fighting with notes. haha. next time la dude...hahaha

  2. It was on Monday.Wahhh, study in the library?Good luck then.haha