Friday, June 18, 2010


Yea, im back to my home two days ago.Lotsa friends were being so worry about me cause im such a "sesat" girl who doesnt really know how to recognise road and directions. Felt so sorry for making everyone's worry and I'm glad that I managed to get to the right place, right plane and at the right time.haha.

No more worries. I'm no longer the small lil girl.I can manage things on my own.Sorry for having such a baby face and alw give ppl such an impression that I'm weak and need lotsa help.

U guys are just spoiling me really.

Anyway, really appreciate all my friend's concern.

Nearly cry uncontrollably the moment I saw mum and tears were rolling on here eyes.Manahed to get hold on my tears.Must be tough. I told myself.

Everything seems like so unreal to me.I'm actually bek home.Maybe i still not get used to it. Though is hot and stuffy, but, i enjoyed it!

I like the unbearable weather, the hot sun, the super slow internet connection, the simple yet the most wonderful home cooked meal and soup that mum made for me.

I feel blissful.I will definitely gonna spend more time with my family and friends before I go back again.

I dunno how much I could do but I know I have to be strong.

Things happened recently out of sudden and is such a pain to accept such unexpected thing.

Heart was piercing pain.

1st time havin insomnia.

The so called happy-go lucky momoko is so not happy.

Haha, but i know life still goes on.

Be strong i told myself.

Im not alone.

Is a way of making me grow up i think.

Maybe i shdnt be so naive and innocent anymore.Is time to face all the reality.Cun avoid and act dunno already.Need to pick up my responsibility and get serious.

Time will be the best thing to heal my wound now.And i promise myself that I will not give up and live well.

B happy:) I still got long way to go.

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  1. yup u still got a long way to go. and i will be with u and giving support all the time :)