Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bits of here and there

Recent updates about my fourth year university life:

Thanks for every piece of this things and events which makes my life such a
wonderful one.I'm feeling grateful.

I love all of you for entering my life:)

Airport-Miss everyone of you
Chuan Jooi in the UK!
uwen's doggie shower cap
Fong wen's doggie look.
Good try:)
My ki-siao look
Peep into uwen's room.
Nice right? Got sakura feel
Ee teen's piggy stress ball
My new duvet cover.
Uwen with my new toy
I like it alot.
Her name is Yuki.hehe
A gift from him.
Arsenal cap. Love it:)
Egg cookie rolls
Bought from Chinatown, London
One of our dinner
Eeteen is cooking!

A late birthday present from my friends.

Note the difference between the two of them?
UK Gummy Bears are so much bigger than Malaysia one
But I prefer the one that I got it from Malaysia
Not everything found in the UK is the best though,
At least not for this case.hehe

My new handphone
Bought it in the UK
How much? It costs only 8.95pounds:)
Mum will definitely like it.
Chuan Jooi's first visit to London
This is an interesting city
Never get bored with it
Everytime I visit the city, I discover new things
Also, never get bored with the food and most importantly,
My Friends-- Yee Aiwoon and Wong Voon Yuan
London is always the best meet up place for all of us:)

Just a random picture
I like:)

Snapped by YOU !!!
Nice gathering with the three of you!
Love the pillow talk session.Hehe

Tower Bridge

Buckingham Palace

The most anticipated event
Arsenal Stadium Tour

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