Monday, December 6, 2010

December- Snowieee Month

Snow visited Nottingham at the end of November.

It was pretty thick this time and we even had a snow war few days ago.

It causes lots of problem due to its early arrival. Trains were delayed, schools were closed, road accident and closure of airport to clear out snow.

It was fun at the beginning cause we never encounter such a thick snow before this. After a several days, everyone starts to have a few words about it.

Honestly, snow isn't fun after all.It looks nice but it doesn't make me feel good about it.I still prefer a warmer weather.
Im staying in Peveril Road:)

Dirty footprints along the street


The view across my window

Snowy morning = cold and
dun feel like moving at all

On the way to attend lecture
Hate walking in such thick snow:(

Never ending road,sigh~

Even Mickey get caught in the snow.teeheee:)

Uwen with the giant snow man

Another mini and cute version of snow man
Love love love

The big green field turns into white

The 1st snow man built by me!
It looks kinda retarded cause I have no idea
how to built a snow man.

Sushi made by Darren Leom
Yummy!!! Arigato~

Bought this because one article that
i read from the
website saying that peppermint tea may
helps to relieve migraine.
Not sure whether it will works o not.Hmmm

Yo Yo Yo,
Another pack of gummies
This one tastes really good but its hard to chew
Why can't they have cheap and yummy gummies in the UK?:(

A new dishes
Fried minced pork with mushroom and onions
Still need some improvements:)

Exam is coming. This would be the last exam that I would have for my Uni life. More to come when I start working. I know. It will be worse. And stressful. I need to find more ways to cope with it.

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