Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random things

Gosh, almost end of January...

Chinese new year is around the corner. This year, I will have three reunion dinner with Kepong gang in London, Nottingham gang and ALL YEAR 4 Pharmacy coursemates.

Opps, I still haven get myself a RED tops:( *hunt hunt hunt*

Time flies, we are now final year student. 6months later all of us will be undergoing training seperately with one aim-- To become a fully registered pharmacist! Aikss, life is not a bed of roses. More responsibilities on the shoulder, more things that you will need to face and settle on ur own without getting a chance to hide behind ur mummy or daddy. Need to amke ur own judgement and take the risk of your decision. Everything gets more complicated and people gets complicated too. How to solve? No more just black and white.

Twisted my neck for the ??? times. Just feel that i have a body that made of stick or something. So fragile.Dun like.

Cun wait to go London.I miss all the things mum and sis sent to me.CUN WAIT! Of course, my Nokia phone.I miss it so much.

Air ticket!! Oh my, hate all the airlines. Make me waste so much time on the website checking here and there just to get the biggest deal. Why they keep fluctuating without prior notice??

Chatting for most of the day jsut to catch up on everything with Ann. We just dun wanan miss anything. Sometimes I thought we have changed so much but no. We are just the same. You are still so funny and bubbly. Wonder how things would be if we are coursemates? Miss the old times we spent in Help.

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