Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Flies

Cun believe that baby Joshua is almost 3 years old and ready to go to school by this June!

Cun believe that someone that you used to be quite unfamiliar with can be click with you as time passed!

Cun believe that someone that you always thought that you could rely on can leave you without any prior notice!

Cun believe that I am approaching mid 20s! This is so unacceptable. I wasn't fully prepared for all these changes.

That's the way life treat us rite?

Wun give u a clue what will happen next.

We are trained to expect the unexpected.

So, we are strong, we are tough!

Learning to accept the fact that people comes and goes in our life journey.

Dun feel sad or overjoyed.

Latest updates:
1. Results will be released by this Friday. Hope everything will be fine.
2. Chinese new year is around the corner. Wish everyone will have a great year
ahead and have a wonderful time with the family in the reunion dinner.
3. For those who are unmarried like me, hope you guys will get lots of angpao:)
If possible, share the money with me, k?
4. Thanks to my cousin and Aiwoon, my chinese new year is filled up with all the
loves that my mum and sis sent to me. I feel good:))
5. I still haven book my air ticket back to Malaysi. Can someone remind me if
there is any promotion from the airlines? Would deeply appreciate it.

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