Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring break

The beautiful shades on the sky in the evening
Take sometime to sit down and look at your surroundings...
Then you will realise that you have lots of wonders
I think this is sakura... I think...
They are beautiful, isn't it?
It makes you feel like you are in heaven...

How long since you last lift up your head and look at the sky?
Do appreciate it before it's too late...

Spring! SPRING! spring!

I've been longing for this season. Flowers blossoms in different colours, clear blue sky, warmer weather but still offer some chilly breeze, sunny day every morning and even longer hours of day light. I've never appreciate all this for my past 20years. Cause all this seem to be something that I thought I deserved to have.

As always, this is the season when lots of fun activities could be done. Picnic, barbecue, jogging.... Ironically, this is also one of the critical time to do our studies and assignments. It's pretty hard to make a balance between both. The power of the devils should not be underestimated.

Previously, I had captured some pictures of sakura in Madrid, Spain. There was this park where they planted rows of sakura at both sides of a footpath. When the winds blow softly, all the pink petals were dancing like snowflakes... It was such a beautiful sight that I would never forget.


  1. WOW.. new template.. a good try and i like this spring post..