Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Penang Road Trip

Finally arrived at Penang.

Non stop eating, buying food, laughing, sampat-ing all the way over the weekend.

Haven had so much laughter for sometime.

Most of us was unfamiliar with this food heaven.

Luckily we had a tour guide with her daddy to lead us to those nice hawker food.

Not to forget our very pro driver with her excellent driving skills.

Weather was unbearably hot,

and yet many people went for those sizzling hot food....

Nice catching up with Peoy Shiam,

Still sampat as ever,

Had a great time with the girls as well although some are missing,

Perhaps this will leave a great memory in everyone's heart.

Enjoy looking at those old architecture along the tiny and narrow roads,

Trying hard to imagine how people in the past live.

Adrenaline rush on me everytime I try to order food,

I felt so nervous to attempt Hokkien and try to understand it.

They do speak Mandarin but I just wanted to try fitting in.

That's part of the travel fun isn't it?

Adapt yourself to something different and abnormal.

Our first stop: Gurney Drive

Hawker food in Penang. We are spoilt for choices.

Yam rice cake
Fried oyster
Har mee!! yummy!!!
We had laksa as well. Too busy eating it.haha
"Mua chi"
Very nice dessert.
Ais kacang. Dun really like the taste of pepsi in it:(

Penang Bridge!
Kinda excited for a noob like me!
Heavy breakfast to start off with...
Very delicious fish together with the hor fun...

Another popular dish
Time for group picture...
Peoy shiam- our 地头蛇!

Cendol at Jalan Penang

Kek Lok Si Temple!

One of the wishing tree at the top of the temple.
Simply colourful...

They could lift me up!lolz
A very nice Guan Yin statue
Found all these cute little ones next to the statue

Batu Ferringgi Beach
Just realised that I visited beach during each summer.haha
The last time was at Vietnam
The Ship!
Used to come here when I was very small with my family!

Will miss you lots:)
Hope you will find your 刚熟的猛男 very soon.hahaha!

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