Thursday, August 28, 2008

OooLala i like William's sandman:p

Encik william,

plzzzz dun get mad wen u c d pic above k cz i really lyk it alot!!!dam u make dat???hahaha. i wanna post it here as well.dey makes my blog luks nicer n more lively!!

U must thank me yea cz im promoting it to other ppl as showing others ur masterpiece leh. c im such a *hong pang yao* lalala~~


im so sorry for not reading properly wat william wrote in his blog last nite.afterall it wasnt his masterpiece oso.alahhhh.dam.tot he was so creative was actually sum unknown ppl's creation.william said it could b sum guai lou...i was tinking why dey cun b sum malaysians leh?onli guai lou noe how 2 make tis meh???!!!:(

1 comment:

  1. coz if u see clearly, the guy sandman is jack. i think the girl is jill. so its jack n jill...msian so free one meh? all they noe is go to sea n feed fishes. hahahaa.