Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I dun wanna work till 19/9!!

I dun wan extra class on saturday

I dun wanna wake up at 7smth on sat morning n work till 7pm!!!


Cum on, all i nid is a break....

well,d conclusion is,i feel dat its really hard 2 earn her money.sigh~

mayb i complain 2 much d.so now i am *gifted* a light headache:(


  1. i guess u need ice-cool water to dampen d "dammit" effect ur havin now lol

    well, its a job and dun haf a choice, so just do what u can =)

  2. How shuang to see momoko in pain. MUAHAHAHAAHA!!!

  3. oh my god,i hate dr tofu!i must eat many many tofu 2 reduce my pain 2ml.i noe u dun haf 2 work d very relaxing now!!herghhhh...

    tak payah ice water lah,kitkat sudah cukup!yummmm