Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Santini Restaurant

momoko n Uwen's lasagna

momoko was enjoying d mouth-watering tiramisu
group pic...say cheese):
last fri was hving a birthday celebration with my secondary school frens at Santini.It was really fun,all of us did enjoy ourselves.kept taking pictures onli regardless of wat other ppl mite tink.haha.d food was rally nice.n d atmosphere was good as well.is an italian restaurant so d food there is quite expensive...howevr i tink is worth it cz all the food there were yummy.i dun mind getting fat if i can eat all these often.haha.K was there as well.it was his bday dat day...but dey celebrate mine as well.haha.felt sorry 4 him cz he should b the main character dat day.me n UW shared a plate of lasagna cz both of us cun eat much.after eating another 2 piece of pizza,v were very full.tasted our frens magarita which was really nice.doesnt taste lyk liquor at all.but i rather drink skyjuice cz i cun afford 2 order such xpensive drink.i wann save it 4 smth else.keke.my requirement 4 eating is very low onli.cheap,simple n taste ok will satisfies me.once in a while go makan at sum high class restaurant oso okie 4 me.haha.

den meet up with R at spicy.dat time was damn slipy d.felt drowsy as well.d ne day haf 2 give tuition frm 8am till 6pm.felt horrible wen i tot about it.scare gt lotsa books 2 mark.haha.i dun alw go yumcha with frens.i love staying at home.but i realise dat i haf 2 b more sociable.so this few months ive been trying 2 get more involve with those activities o events organised by my frens.it turns out 2 b great.haha.wat a blast!:)

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