Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rumah Harapan

last sunday i went 2 this orphanage home with my fren,C 2 help him complete his assgnments.he nids 2 take sum pics of volunteers teaching those kids do home work.i was free dat day so i jz agree with him.i knew dat i was very tired after teaching whole day on sat but i wanna challenge my energy limit.i knew dat i can do it.n i should b more active.hehe.my life should b more ocupied with different experiences so dat i will feel cheerful!haha.yesh u can say im gila but dats how i feel.dats me.

later onli i realise dat sum of dem actually dun have birth certificate n therefore dey cun get 2 enter school.sum pf dems 10 years old already but still dey cun read nor write.i felt really emotional wen this Indian gal,P told me dat onli 3 of dem gt 2 stdy in gvmt school.but she told me dat she wasnt popular at all in school.her classmates dun lyk her.dey dun mix with her.she told me dat she oso dunno why.at dat moment,i can feel my tears is bursting out ald.i tried 2 hold my emotions.she ws really tough.much tougher den me.i felt shameful.very very shameful.n i realise dat im such a lucky gurl.i gt so many frens n family hu alw cares n loves me all d time n yet i alw take it 4 granted.i alw tink dat,"oh no money oso can get 2 stdy in school 1.." "oh u std 1 d ar?can stdy in primary school d mah...is smth natural 1...n parents normally will choose those famous skul leh so dat dey can show off in front of the relatives.even thou teher are many options there dey will still ignore it.so 2 ppl lyk me i alw feel dat is me choosing d skul,not d skul choose me."but 2day i felt dat i was slapped by those words cuming frm her.i finally realse dat all these are not smth dat will cums naturally.is bcz im lucky 2 b born in a complete n good family.is my luck.n i shd alw b thankful 2 god.i shdnt complain so much on small matters n so on n not appreciating wat im havong now.i alw take things for granted.alw tink dat i deserve 2 have all these in my life n compare with my frens.i alw want 2 b d best.i tot i deserve all of dat.im so wrooong.i made a big big mistake n i neva realise dat.wat a shame on me.thers so many chances in life 4 me.i jz have 2 work hard aliitle bit den i will definitely get it.but 2 dem those r sooo hard 2 reach.is lyk a dream 2 dem.so abstract....im jz speechless ryte now.i jz dunno wat 2 say further.

i will do my best 2 help dem as long as i can do it.even if it was small but i know 2 dem it will definitely leave a great impact on dem.great changes 2 dem already.i hope ppl hu read this will never hesitate 2 help dem wen there is a chance.i can guarantee dat u will feel very proud of urself for having such an ability 2 give dem a lil hope in their life.2 chnge their future in2 a better 1.trust me.trust god...

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