Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Mayb is was jz a plain moday 4 all of u.o it sucks 2 those having a monday bluuueee,but 2 me it was a big big day.It was my 20th birthday.im stepping in2 d figure "2" already.starting a new phase in my life...having mixed feelings 2day.ahah.

1st of all,thz u sooo much to those hu remembers my birthday n wishes me frm 12midnight yday till 2day.really happy 2 get all of ur wishes.haha.n also those present n d hand-made card U made 4 me with all d bessing words frm all my frens.really touching.thz u guys soo much.

2day W,U,F,E,Z sacrfices their work n time 2 fulfil my wishes--ice skating.to b frank i neva go ice skating b4.last time i told dem dat n dey gt shock.haha.n U was rmember dat so she suggested v go ice skating!haha.dey were so nice.i gt free coach summore who was Z.he was really patient n kind enuff 2 gimme sum advise n lesson 2 help me gain sum confidence.i was really bad in balancing n he was my tongkat 2day.keke.really sori.wasted his time.he ws really good at it la.skate so well.n he is a sucessful sifu.i got 2 skate on my own after a short while n i din fell down summore.but still i wasnt really brave enuf 2 try skating 2 d ice.it was really scary,so i jz was on d ice.very funni.bet i had entertain many ppl there 2day.muahahaha.such a successful entertainer lah me.kekeke.but E wasnt get 2 pick up d way 2 skate on ice.she was scare after falling once.pity her.n felt sorry 2 make her cume skate with us.v shud do smth else.felt bad dat she din enjoy it.but still she,i mean all of us gt entertained by this 11years old darling,frm JB.very cute n pandai cakap.bully W as well.makes us laugh our lungs out.she is lyk an angel 2 me.was there at r rite time so dat even E also get 2 enjoy tis outing thou is wasnt 100%.she even guide me 2 skate in d middle.haha.really happi 2 know her.n i get 2 know this lady bringing his youger son cum ice skating.it was d kiddo's 1st time.he was so cute.very scare n kept holding his mum's hand.i was jz bhind dem struggling as well.haha.at last he can skate very well d.wat a talented kiddo.dat time his mum was outside watching him perform d thou he gt fell dwn few times.he was really brave 2 try.neva cry of pain as well.haha.unlyk me.such a coward.gahhhhhhh.

ohya n i was suprised my d song dedication made by F n U.haha.it ws one of my favourie songs summore.haha.really touched by their deeds.haha.thz again.really dunno wat else 2 say 2 show my gratitute.n thz 2 D as well 2 drop by ther n wish me happi burfday.after dat v went 2 walk walk cz E wanna buy smth but v lost track of her n W.hahaha.nyek nyek.den v saw tis fish spa.i gt shocked cz d fishes are quite big.i tot dey r of d size of ikan bilis.wahlao.im lyk those smal kids squatting dwn n stare at ppl's foot with those fishes "attacking" her dead skin continuously.d man nex 2 me took pic summore.keke.den v were starving n start hunting 4 food.i went 2 buy sushi.yummy.gt offer summore.cheap n yummy.haha.i saw many aoutlets having bigggggg salessss now.but no time 4 me 2 hunt sum nice piece of clothes pula.sob sob.

after sending E bek home,v went 2 makan dinner at kluang station.Spent alot 2day so wanna eat sumting cheap n delicious.wanna go subway but the curve o ikano dun have.sigh.but kluang station oso din let us down.v craps alot there.so fun la 2 b with dat at d dinner jz now.laugh alot again.whereva v are,there will b laughter.very loud summore till d ppl opposite our table kept staring at us filled with curiosity..."hmm,all these young ppl were so high,i wonder why ah"haha.W was d craziest amongst all of us.tok sumting really siao till all of us nearly fell dwn frm our chairs.is our secret.tak boleh share.hahaha.P&C yea....hehehe.

after bathing,mum said her fren invited u 2 makan durian.so went out again.didnt eat thou it smells good.scare i will have sorethroat.i hate 2 get sick la.haha.den chat with my frens in msn jz now.rye now i can feel d pain on my toes d.n i felt tired as well.but still im so happy 2day.neva had such a wonderful day b4...

sigh..im getting old.W n U said i cun act cute anymore.ahhhhhhh.how lah.sighhhhh!!!geram betul.

Lastly,i really wanna go shopping this week!!!!!!!i wanna "mencetuskan perkembangan ekonomi".i dun care.i cun tahan d.i must go shop d.aaaaaahhhhhhh.hu can teman me go??i will b super duper grateful....lalala.cum on.

n erm my bestie P is cuming bek 2ml.gues she is in d plane now.Pig-ing gua.haha.hwo would dat b huh?kaka.

~the end~cheersss:)


  1. Deng...can't say out our names correctly ah??? wat wufez??? I'm W????!!! WTH!!!! call me Will la at least...deng deng deng x 1000...

  2. im protecting u all kay...isnt it sounds misterious 2 others??hehe.well,next time v shud tink about a secret name 4 everyone.lalala