Monday, January 18, 2010


Im officially out of the hell of examination.No more insomnia, no more waking up with a fright and no more torturing to my tiny little brain.Thinking back few days ago,im kinda amazed that i made it through.Now im gonna have extra 5days to recharge my body.I felt very grateful that my body paid full cooperation to me throughout the exam period.Halfway through i thought im gonna sick already,whole body like so weak and heaty.Lucky everything turns out fine the next day.This exam makes lots of people suffer and unhappy.Im one of them.Miss home badly and cried alot.I think im abit too last minute this sem.Lotsa things that i din prepared earlier and when exams come, i panic.I was so scared that i couldnt finish reading all and everything seemed so hard to be understand.Lucky my friends and family give me lotsa advise and support.Then only i could calm down myself and tried my best to cope with everything.Lotsa things happened but im glad that i make it to the end and i ealised that im such a failure in managing my emotion.Maybe i should spend more time and think wisely what should i do to prevent same thing from happening again.I felt so sorry when i burst out crying, i make so many people who cares for me worry and unhappy as well.

Later, we are heading towards the city and have a dinner at Hooters.Before that, we will get the ingredients to bake cake!Haha.Kinda look forward to that.I need to do laundry and vaccum my dirty room as well.Clothes have been piles up like mountain d.Need to change my bedsheet too.So much to do.Miss the time im was in semenyih.After exam, we could go genting highlands or sing K in redbox o something.There are so much things that we could celebrate.But now, i dun feel really excited after finish exam.Everything just back to normal and thats it.Most important thing is i can't go home after exam.Last time, the happiest moment after exam is that i can start packing all my stuff and go back to my home sweet home where i can watch Astro, eat mum's cooking and sleep as much as i can.

Never mind then.I will be back in 6months.Time will pass very fast once second sem starts again and i will be busy with all the assignments and stdy.

The happy me is back again.Im glad that im still staying alive:)Thanks everyone who helped me and cares for me.I will take good care of myself:)cheers~


  1. so good...i still hav a long way to go...damn...

  2. I know, till 23rd right?Add oil la.I wished i got more time to stdy oso.U should feel lucky enuff to have time to prepare man.