Monday, January 18, 2010


Hohoho,last night i spent hours to select photos that i would like to be printed out using Snapfish services.Currently, they have free 40 photo prints for new user.All i need to do is sign in as their member.Hohoho.There were so many photos and is not easy to filter album by album and select the best 30pics.Gahhh, i still gt 10 free prints left.Gotta save it for next time then.I wished the pics will be delivered to my flat soon so that i can start deco my wall with some new pics again.Yay.Hmm, maybe this time i will change the location to the side of my wardrobe cause i realise that photos werent stick well on the wall.I dunno why.This doesnt happen in the previous room when i first move in.Im so excited about it.Uwen said have 2 be patient.Might take one week.Gahhh.

2ml will be having calculation test but im just too lazy to revise it again.I have been slacking throughout the day.Im just too lazy to do anything.Received three most important calls today which makes my day soooo perfect.haha.Then, finished watching the drama that i have been watching since 3weeks ago.

I think im a coffee addicts.I think if one day coffee is out of stock i will be the first person who will gets freak out and start going crazy.haha.I used to drink coffee every day and night during exam time to keep myself awake.But now i dun have exam anymore and yet, after my dinner, i will turn to my right hand side and get the coffee powder.Shit.I feel like without it my whole body is so weak and lethargic.I think im abusing it already.Those morphine addicts get methadone to wean off the opiate addicts but me how?How am i gonna get cured?i tried to skip coffee but i will get withdrawal syndrome like headache.Is so pain and i just ahte getting the attacks.I guess my life with coffee is inseparable now.May god bless me good health then.I personally like mocha the most.And the nescafe mocha 3in1 here is just too hard to resist.Love the thick thick bubbles left on my upper lips everytime i took a sip on it.What a wonderful day to start with mocha.haha.Last time during alevels,every morning i will tend to buy the ice nescafe mocha from the vending machine.Cause normally my class start at 9am in the morning and i need coffee to keep myself alert.But now, maybe im just too over with coffee intake.Twice a day.Oh my.Life is short,maybe i should let it be.As long as im happy.

Quote from pei ann; Coffee is like ginseng or bird nest to us:p


  1. hahaha..have u seen the deco in my room? i used up all 40 free prints already! and decorated my room with the photos!!

    i think i'm addicted to coffee too..omg..this is not good!!!

  2. noooo,where is the pic?in ur blog?shall go see later.hohoho.Yea is not good, my heart neat so fast during exam time.i think i drink too much d.haha.