Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last night we went to the city to do some shopping.I thought the sales is still on but sadly some of the stores no longer have sales while those that are offering sales oso dun ahve the things that im looking for.I think i dun really spend much on shopping here.Sometimes i think the clothes here are way too expensive or just not my style:(And the size is another issue.Good oso, mum dun have to worry that im gonna spend much on shopping here then.hehe.I rather use the money to eat and travel.Im looking forward to go Cardiff, Bath and York.But the VTAs here had been increased and because of that the price for train ticket get increased as well.Duhhh.

After shopping around, we went to Hooters to ahve the chicken wing buffet.I personally dun like chicken wings.Last time i used to eat chicken breast only but now, i learnt to eat chicken wings and other part as well cause i cun be so choosy anymore.The condition doesn't allow me to do so.I tried to eat alot last night but after the 8th chicken wings, i cun take it already.Suprisingly, i ate the skin of the chicken as well.I dun do dat in Malaysia.Maybe i was too hungry last night and im not so choosy anymore.I learnt to appreciate food that i have now.Is a good thing isn't it?Im strating to change my odd eating habits.Waahahha.But i still not very into meats.Dats why i stop after the 8th chicken wings.Omg the beers taste so bitter.I dun like it.After drinking i feel that my skin is so dehydrated.I feel kinda guilty cause i consumed lots of alcohol ever since im in the UK.The waitress in the Hooters are soooo hot.I think thats the reason why tehre were so many guys in that place.The main focus is not teh chicken but girls.After eating, teher were sumore leftover chicken wings and beers so we played "Truth or Chicken wings or Beers".Ahaha, you can either choose to tell the truth,2chicken wings or beers.It was kinda fun and all of us shared some secrets as well.Really enjoyable and we had a great time laughing as well.

Here are some pictures that we took last night:

The girls
Vivian,me and Yiew wen
Hooters Waitress.Hot?
The amount of beer we had.Scary.Food fiesta-Buka Puasa:)
The leftover bones
"Bersampat Dengan Beer"


  1. btw...its VAT, not VTA...its value added tax...

  2. oh yea,thanks for pointing out.Bit blur.Need to take med soon.whahaha