Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Went for a movie in the city today.This is the first time i watch a movie in UK.Cineworld got promotion 2 for 1 ticket for students and therefore we decided to have a movie night 2day.The movie theater was quite small and free seating.The seat was really cosy but it was kinda warm in there.Normally in Malaysia, we would put on jacket cause its very cold but here, we took off our jackets cause it was warm.Haha.Maybe our cold tolerance get increase or they don't on air conditioner.I think the latter is true.The movie was really interesting and funny.I was kinda tired and yawned few times but it doesnt mean that the movie was boring.I was just exhausted and eaten too much at Bella Italia for dinner.I din eat much this afternoon cause we were in a rush after house hunting around Beeston. Really hope we could find a suitable house soon with good price.Wish me luck k?haha.

I kinda like the characteristics of both Sherlock Holmes and his best mates.Jude Law looks good.I nearly cun recognize him.Haha.I like the storyline which is very catchy and unpredictable and the background is based on the 19th century of London.The crackling chemistry between Holmes and Watson as well as the stunts are the things that i find it interesting in this movie.But some part when Holmes was explaining and solving the mystery i find it abit boring.Maybe i dun really understand and those chemistry terms that he used just reminds me about chemistry.I just hate it.haha.I had it too much in my course already:S

Recently im addicted to a mini game chuan jooi sent to me to ease my boredom.It is called "plants vs zombie".I wished i can have one more week to rest before 2nd sem starts.Monday class from 9-5pm.I hate it man.It will be the same for every week.Why why why????Life is not a bed of roses especially if u chose course like pharmacy and doctors.Maybe medics student is worse.God bless me that i will pass 2nd sem smoothly and i can go bek home in one piece:p

Am listening to Myfm online.They are now playing chinese new year songs already.Dunno why i find it amazing that i could actually listen to radio in Malaysia here.Haha.


  1. u got 1 week rest still noe enuff ah.. i got one day only before the new sem start. hahaha.. and monday marks the start of the 20credit design project.. hohoho~

  2. aiya,i just said only la.Im just being lazy oso got wrong?bluek

  3. aaahhhh..i wanna watch sherlock holmes too!!!!