Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another day

Did nothing much these few days except for house hunting, play mini games, daydreaming and i wished everyday is like this.I dun mind rooting like this in my room with my small little fantasy.I dun wanna start second sem.Can the clock tick slowly please?i wanna be the sleeping beauty and dreaming lotsa fancy stuff.I'm just being lazy.I know this is not possible.2more daysss.2more precious days.Then i will be back to my hectic study life again.Wahahha.

Went to lotsa houses today and we are still deciding.Hopefully we can come to a conclusion by this 2weeks.Pray hard for me k.Kinda looking forward to be staying in a house with my lovely friends.I dun wanna stay in student flat anymore.Sumtimes people here can be really noisy and inconsiderate.Like last nite 3sth in the morning, i was awake by a quarreling couples downstairs.Oh mannn, i felt like throwing them my smelly shoes.They were sooo annoying.Can't they just quarrel and fight in their own room?Grrrr,spoil my sweet dreams.At least private house wun be so noisy.Well, hopefully i just nid 2 bear with this one more sem.

Did i mention earlier about my new timetable?I will have one day off every alternate weeks but every Monday my class would be from 9-5 with just one hour lunch break.Gahhhhh.I hate this.Though next sem there would be fewer exams, but i will have more coursework and assignments to do;(

I started to forget the name of the places that I used to go and hangout in Malaysia.My memory sucks.Imagine if im going to stay here for few more years, i dun think i can remember the route well when im back to Malaysia.haha.

Heading to city 2ml and will be having Bak kut teh as dinner 2ml.Sometthing 2 luk forward before the term starts.Yay.Hopefully i will still have sumtime to blog.Bye everyone!

p/s: I'd received the photos from Snapfish already.Did some deco on my room:)

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