Monday, January 25, 2010

New house


After two days of house hunting, we found a suitable house for 4 of us finally.At a very very good price summore.The house is lovely.Uwen said recently i like to use "lovely" alot.Ahahaha.I dunno why.Oppsie.The house is not very near from uni, but its close to the grocery store and the housing area is very quiet.There is a small garden outside the house and the backyard is very big too.We can have bbq , hang our clothes and put our bicycles there too.So far only this house is suitable because every house comprises a small room.This landlord not only extend the small room, he make a separate study room downstairs as well.So, it meets all our requirements.I cun wait to move into the house this coming Sept.Will take sum pics and share with u guys then.Im sure all of u will like it as well..We can also invite Aiwoon and Voon Yuan to our house next time if they come to Nottingham again.

Hope that we could deal with the contract things next week and yea, we dun have to find anymore houses already.Im so happy.Finding house can be really tiring especially out there is so cold and its been raining these 2days.I hate it.Luckily every morning got hot sun.

Wednesday might be heading towards city centre again to have summore shopping and Nandos for dinner?i wan to go to The Body Shop or Crabtree and Evelyn to see if there is sumthing which suits mum and sis.And maybe get a present for him?Will see how.Need to save some money cause i spent a lot on my grocery during exam time.And I wanna buy ice cream!!!Choco choco fudge...:)


  1. U haven't seen d house yet.R u sure u wanna move in?Gotta ask the rest of my future housemates then:)U are always welcome To visit us.lolz

  2. hmm..looking forward to stay over in ur big house!