Thursday, January 28, 2010

New look of my Blog

Hey guys, finally I changed the old, dull blog template into this.Been searching for the whole afternoon and finally found that this suits my blog the best.What's do you think about this new look?:)

Had a headache again this afternoon.Maybe I really need sumore rest and stop blogging and fb-ing so often.Had a great evening with Sheng,Nic,William and Uwen in the city.Bought some lovely stuff for my dearest mum and sis.Got myself something to improve my skin condition too.

We had Nandos as dinner and the peri-peri chicken tastes awesome.William gave all of us a shock as he poured the extra hot chilli sauce on his chicken like pouring water:S On the other had, Sheng struggled so hard to finish his dishes cause he cant withstand spicy.Both of them really contrast of one another.Lolz.

This afternoon get to chat with my family and cj.Its fun seeing them together and they seemed to enjoy themselves very much without my presence.wahhaaha.Mum said my face is getting rounder and keep asking me to eat more.Omg.I dun wan end up 2 be a balloon.I dun mind gaining some fat as long as i can still fit in all my clothes and jeans.I dun wan to buy new ones.It is expensive here and I dun really like to shop here.

Will update other stuff next time:0 Bye!

Will update more next time.Take care:)

Nandos-full of people

William,me,wen and nic

Busy nic,cool sheng,funny william and wen

Me and wen

Yummy chicken,coleslaw and mashed potato

Gift for mum and sis birthdayMum's bday present

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