Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Pictures

Here are some pictures taken during revision period due to my "wu-liaoness".Whenever it strikes, i will grab my pink lady and snatch some pics around.Kinda siao.What to do.Im boring ma;S Notes aren't attractive either!They make my head grow bigger and bigger till almost EXPLODE!

Some stuff that i feed my brain every night.Yum~

I miss the hot hot sun in Malaysia.
Snowing...hate that i need to study during winter
More snow from the view of my window

The best day ever-My X'mas pressie from Malaysia.
Thanks alot sis:)

Is my chibimaruko!
Im so happy to have it with me.
It contains lots of colourful candies.Love it soooo much.

My source of energy and happiness

Battling hard.Not really though cause i will 发呆.haha
X'mas Card from Chuan Jooi.Got it after my first exam.
I miss KOPITIAM!@#$%#$%
Things that i dreamed about few days ago.And Char Kuey Teow.
I dunno whats wrong with me.
Hate it the moment i got up and realized that everything is not real.


  1. hahaha... emo?
    be strong tsingar..
    wish u happiness ^^

  2. ahcheng! yea i miss home badly recently.Will try to cope it.Thanks yea.