Sunday, April 18, 2010

Volcanic Eruptions

"There are streams of flood water coming down although the ones that came down last night were much thicker and filled with mud, ash and large clumps of ice."

"If the ash and mud from a volcanic eruption mix with rain water or melting snow, fast moving mudflows are created."

"Being a farmer in Iceland is one of the toughest jobs with the harsh weather we have. Many of them are clinging on after the recession - this will just finish them off."

"Lava flows and lahars can destroy settlements and clear areas of woodland or agriculture."

"I know that some people are very upset to have missed their flights but that is just a temporary inconvenience. The effects from this volcanic eruption will be felt for a very very long time here in Iceland."

Those are some statements that I found in the few articles that I read few days ago.This is a worrying condition.While many news are reporting about the impact on the air flight and how people suffered from being stranded in the airport and couldn't get back home,there is only a few reports on this impact on the people in Iceland.

The eruptions is like a silent bomb in Iceland.It is unpredictable and the flood and lava flow damages the land,animals and may even kill peoples living nearby.People there need to evacuate repeatedly and at greater risk than anyone of us.

I think these is one of the warning signs that the mother earth is trying to give us.Most of us still unaware of this.

What we care most is when is our beloved ones will be back?Complaining and cursing the incident.

Maybe our direction is wrong.

Maybe we should start worrying about all these signs.

We should start doing something that we all know to save this mother earth before is too late.The changes can be devastating and without warning.

I really hope that the eruptions will stop and all the flights can resumed soon although Icelandic volcano activity shows no sign of abating.

People, let us stop complaining and do something good to conserve the environment.


  1. Yea, the issue is really worrying.
    If Iceland reli collapse like what it was predicted, the consequences reli cannot be imagined.

    Btw, how r u there? I saw from newspaper that UK was also affected by the ash. The situation serious? Must take care ohh.. =)

  2. ohh, im fine here.Just that my trip to Berlin was cancelled.All the flights within the UK are banned but the weather is not badly affected yet.Thanks for your concern.U take care as well.

  3. yalo.. faster 'cure' all the volcanic eruptions. if not i mou dak lou!! hehehe

  4. wahhaha.I hope u wun face this situation in ur life.Its so risky:S