Friday, July 30, 2010

His First Gold Medal:))

I don't really play nor play sports all these while, especially basketball.

I always think that football match is the only sports that is fascinating.

Well, things do change when I really sit down and watch a bunch of my friends in the uni play.

It was awesome.They showed me how strong and how important their team working is, leading them to victory.

It was my first time watching a basketball match from the beginning till the end.From a noobie to basketball upgraded to half-noobie.lolz.

Glad that their team managed to fight till the end and win all the competitions in a fantastic way.

I'm sure I will watch more in the future.

Anyway, glad to share his another achievements in his life once again!

And I managed to snap some pictures of them playing this afternoon under the super duper HOT sun.I think 2months later I'm gonna miss the sun once again.

Here are the pictures that I took, my skills still need alot of improvements.I'm sorry:P

The beginning of the match
Strong defense
Battling under the hot sun
Midst of the match
Group picture of his team
Receiving his gold medal ^^
Another group picture with the opposition team

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