Monday, October 11, 2010


Yes, is a new blog template again cause my fren told me that he couldnt post a comment on my blog previously. So, I decided to change to another one. Hopefully, everyone can post a comment whenever they want.Just feel free to do so.But it doesnt me you can post any OFFENDED comment here.TQ.

Was in a rush in the picking and deciding process.

Dun wanna have those cute cute templates cause I'VE GROWN UP A LILTLE? lolz.

Dun wan those emo emo or dark dark templates cause life is already not a bed of roses, so, I wanna have something more fun and positive for my blog.It does affect my emotions indirectly.Erhem erhem.

Ok, I guess I should get going.Loads of stuff awaiting for me.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the upcoming posts:))

and Tonight is gonna be a good good night...Bip!

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