Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello Again

Yes, we are heading to London ONCE again.

Well, our lovely friends are in London.Of course we wanna catch up with each other no matter how.

But, I'm not sure whether I could do the pillow talk due to the virus attack. It makes me feel lethargic. I got so much to do and yet, I couldn't even raise my hand now.Gosh, is there a flu vaccination for me now? I wanna have loads of fun in London. I miss my friends and I wanna do as much things as possible with them before coming back to Nottingham, facing all the facts and stuffs that I feel like ignoring BUT I CAN'T. well, at least is a short escape. A short holiday for myself to recharge some energy( Hope is not the other way--exhausted).

Hmm, I guess I would be fine to cope with everything. Is just a process I tell myself. Just bear with it abit more, just keep going, I'm sure I will find the way out soon. Meanwhile, just keep going and dun stop. Dun let go.

Sun will shine on everyone of us.I believe.


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