Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Had an early christmas celebration in three countries last week. Each different countries had different decorations but the way they celebrate it, with christmas tree, lovelight lights deco, lovely stall selling lovely ornaments, foods, pastries, hot drinks.....You can definitely feel the joy and warmth bring by the local people. I still remember the christmas songs that I heard from the choir singing in front of Residentplaz.

I guess I will be missing another Boxing day this year. Need to watch my budget and put more effort on something else.

This morning, I glanced through a friend's facebook photo album.I was so jealous that she is graduated already. When's my turn? I'm thinking. I wanna pass through this soon. I wanna put on that robe, hold the certificates and celebrate the joyious momet with my beloved!

So, hang in there. I will be the next soon. Wheee~

Anyway here are a couples of pictures that I would like to share with all of you.It's all about christmas. haha. Two years of celebrating cold christmas here, I started to miss those years when I celebrated it in Malaysia. Miss the lovely decorations is ech shopping centre. All of them are really pretty and full of christmas feel. Miss the time I celebrate with my family, sitting down in the cafe and listening to christmas songs together with good food and we countdown during christmas eve. Watch the fire works and the next day, mum would definitely bought each of us a piece of gift!The happiest moment is when I opened up my eyes the next day, I would see that present next to my pillow.lolz.

Hey, it's us at the Munich christmas market.
Glad to celebrate this with you:)
Nice christmas tree at Munich in front of....
well, I dun remember the name of that building

Christmas deco in Salzburg
Not too big, not too posh.
I like!!!
Hohoho, Santa Claus is bringing all the gift to us!
Hope he will send to each of you with all the blessings:)

X'mas tree in Slazburg

Jingle Bell~Angels

View from the top of the astronomical clock tower of the
Prague christmas market
It was full of people and the decorations are sooo beautiful!
One of the best!!!
Last but not least,

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