Saturday, April 23, 2011

Farewell Dinner @Petit Paris

Yes, the noob blogger here finally know how to make collages!

It was pretty easy to catch up using picasa software. Wheee~

It seems to be abit small but hey, this is the largest size I could upload through blogger. Dun complain lar =[

One more month before heading home which means this will be the last dinner we will have?


Everyone is busy with revision, project, coursework....

Different plans, different directions to go....blah blah blah

Yea, it's gonna be pretty hard to get together after this.

But still, we will definitely gonna keep in touch!

I am having a mixed feeling right now.

I wan to go back home so badly before this and now, I started to miss everything here and not wanting to leave so early.

Men is greedy and never satisfied.

So, once the decision is made, just follow and never look back.

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