Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perfect Saturday

No write-up to do...

No frustrations...

No deadlines knocking on the door countless-ly


Yupe, it happened last Saturday under the perfect afternoon. Weather was sooo good that everyone was had a superb time barbecue at Darren's place.

Guys were so dedicated in preparing all the delicious food for us. I'm still missing the "semenyih" taste of the fish, scallops, hotdogs, pasta.... Some says the chicken wings were awesome but I have no comment about it since I'm not a BIG fan of chicken wing.

The session was last for approximately 8 hours until dark night. Love the non-stop eating and chatting session with a bunch of friends. The jamming session was great as well. I was fully pampered.:)

Nice setting for barbecue.
Not to mention about the frogs inside the pond:(
Andy's corner with his loyal employee...
Andy: Oi, why so slow?
Work faster if not I dun let you eat tonight :p
This marks the beginning of the barbecue session
which also marks the beginning of my eat-non-stop session:))
Chicken wings.
We have all the professional people serving good food for us.
Thank you!
At the end, the boss need to get involved as well.
CJ was so into barbecue.
Love those smiles carved on their face.
Both of them are happily eating pineapples prepared by Mr. Lam.
"Emo fruits"? NAH!!!

Photo taken by Lik Jin. A very dedicated photographer of the day.
Most of us were too busy eating.
Encore encore!
Lik Jin: 把手举起来!
Last but not least,

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