Wednesday, August 24, 2011


By the time we realised, we tend to have missed it!

I just hate it!

I must make sure that I put the so-called least important thing on my top list from now.

I hate facing regrets.

There are many things and people which I used to labeled them as the least important thing in my life, but things tend to change very much as you grow up.

It's quite ironic to realise that you are now starting to agree with things that you used to argue with the people, and thinking how foolish you were all this while.

Ah well....

I came across this small poster in the ladies this morning.

And the title says: FART experiment!

Wa-Haaa, can't believe that there is actually someone who actually grow interest in studying fart! No jokes man! who knows that someone might publishes his paper/book all about fart in ten years time.:P

I'm feeling:

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