Thursday, August 25, 2011


I just thought that I should have post some my graduation pictures here to share with all of you.

It wasn't really excited on the actual day itself. One of the reason being that we had completed our degree for quite sometime before we had our graduation ceremony. Also, I was quite tired by the time I reached Nottingham. There were many things to prepare for the family trip and I don't even have time to think about it.

But now when I look at all these pictures, I just miss it the event very much.

I love the bright smiles carved on everyone's face, wearing the black gown and hat.

I wished to go back and spend abit longer with all my mates. Everyone was so busy taking pictures here and there. We don't even have time to chat with each other.

I still remembered how sore my cheek muscle was, having to smile all day long.

But this is indeed one of the most memorable day in my life.

A day filled with love, blessings, laughter and hope.

The most exciting moment.
Yes, we made it!

Congratulations to all of us!

My lovely housemates.
Miss the time we spent together.

All the best, Michelle!
You will be my senior by the time I do my placement in Malaysia.Haha!

Pharmacy school is usually dominated by females.
You should feel lucky, Gok Hau:P

Yiew wen's and my parents.
Both of our mother dressed in the same style. Hoho!

Fong wen's and gok hau's parents.
Aren't they just cute?

Family picture of mine.

Chuan Jooi and I

A closer look of us.
Thanks for the flowers, love.

And my mum and dad.
Thanks for all your love, care and support.
I wouldn't have made it without you two.

I'm feeling:

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