Monday, September 5, 2011

Leeds Training Part 2

Richard- the cheeky one
The only Malaysians that I could find in the training.
Almost extinct.muahaha

Lunch- more or less the same.
But they do fed us alot right?

Meet my lovely colleague, Steph.

Dinner- I should have post the Lasagne on the 1st night which was super nice.
Was too hungry till I forgotten to take a pic of it.Haha!

The place where I found all the vintage fashion stalls!
super like!
Vivian and I
Miss you:)
Kar loon with a table of Thai Food.
Look at the contented smile!
Our fabulous Thai lunch! Nyammy~

Spent some time with Vivian after my regional training at Leeds.

Seriously love this much vibrant and less dodgy buildings.

Enjoyed our Saturday by visiting the marketplace which basically sell anything you could think of.

And there is a place where people sell all kinds of vintage fashion stuff!!!

I am sooo in love with all the stalls.

Too bad I have not much money to spend for this month!

Saw a stall where you could get a vintage hairstyle!

And the promoter were in their 60s and 70s! SUPER LIKE THEIR STYLE!

How I wished that I could walk in the street in such way...oooooo~

And we found a Thai restaurant for Vivian which was really good and worth for the value.

I wanna visit Leeds again!

Chat non stop and skype with lovely friends...

Now I'm so relunctant to start work on tomorrow! Kill me please! I dun wanna go:P

I'm feeling:

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