Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

2012 has been predicted to be the year when the world ends.

Only God knows what will happen to us.

Never attempt to make myself a new year resolution cause I can never achieve it

Get the right attitude!

Can considered as a new year resolution eh?

2011 was a year that dramatically changed my life...

It was a tough year, a year full of realization,

I graduated,

I went to work,

I met new people,

I was being cheated,

I was heart-brokened,

I started to be rude and impatient,

Fear and uncertain,

To seek my identity.

I seek forgiveness and understanding,

to people that truly care and love me.

Deep inside my heart and soul,

I do love you all.

Spent the first day of 2012 playing lego,

forming a Christmas tree which was supposed to be completed earlier.

I had a great Christmas celebration in London!

How about u?

I'm feeling:

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