Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good stuff 2

Yet another day ended with lots of good stuff,

Had a sleeping marathon last night. Been having insomnia during weekdays, such long hours of mind resting did make me feel GREAT! It would be greater if the weather turn out to be full of sunshine and warmth! well, I guess I can't own everything at the same time so....

Here is a meaningful poem which I came across today.

I guess it would be great to share with anyone :)

Beginnings and Endings
Beginnings can be kind: A first drop of rain,
Tip of the sun rising at morning,
First green shoot that signals spring.
Awakenings of all kinds, these beginnings,
Like a newborn’s joyful snatch at breath.
Endings can also be kind: A lull in the rain,
Sunset drawing day to a close,
The scatter-art of autumn leaves.
Sleepings of all kinds, these endings,
Like a man’s last troubled snatch at breath.
We make so much of our beginnings and endings,
Clinging to wakefulness, dreading our sleeping,
Blind to the beauty of cycles as
Rain gives way to sunshine, day to night,
Spring to autumn, our first breath to our last.
Our ending too can be kind, it is not so hard,
Without endings there can be no beginnings.

You may find this original poem from Rob Radcliffe

Have a great day tomorrow!

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