Monday, May 28, 2012

Call me GRUMPY!

This is such a not-so-cooled Sunday.

Had mocha cookie crumble at Starbucks which doesn't contain much cookie crumble at all.

Satisfaction rating: 3

Coffee taste was unexceptionally weak :(

Before this had grocery shopping at Tesco. Met this superior shopping "aunty" again.

It's like she owns the whole Tesco.

Waited for 30mins for the reduced meat and by split second...all went into her shopping trolley.

She is superb with her strategy by placing the trolley across the tray...blocking the whole area for other competitors.

She also has a pair of glaring eyes telling you to stay away from her zone.

I guess Sunday would not be a good day for grocery shopping anymore.

Not gonna fight with her.

But seeing her tray full of all the salmons and pork just pissed me off!

Selfish selfish selfish!!!!!!

I wished I could banned her from Tesco!

I'm feeling:

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