Sunday, October 14, 2012

Random thoughts

Was thinking if I could own a house in the future, with the wallpapers of clouds in one of the room and green coloured rugs to resemble the grass...

And the room should have one side of the wall painted with a tree and some cute animals on it

Just a space like this to disconnect myself from outside..

Or it could be above the trees where the small little house could be built...with small windows on top to watch the stars twinkling at night....

Someday, I hope that I could wake up every morning to brew coffee for myself and the loved ones...

To watch the elephants and lions freely in the place where they belongs to

To live with basics

Some says downtime wasn't bad at all,

it's ok to feel upset about it,

but it will not last forever,

it brings you more opportunities and hope,

it is what makes goodtime so sweet and beautiful.

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