Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sophie Kinsella:)

I just finished the book my friend,F & D gave me as a birthday present.i lyk d wrappers.very nice n cheerful…I guess its bcz of d yellow background.teehehe.dat day I went ice skating,U & W was saying dat my socks r too short…my cover d ankle 2 prevent getting hurt wen falls.i dun dare 2 borrow my fren’s one cz I feel dat its not very hygiene so I went 2 buy a pair of socks there.out of no reason I jz attracted by the pair of yellow sis said my foots look like banana the moment I reached home.swt!

Oh okie back 2 today’s topic…so um I spent d whole afternoon 2 finish reading d whole book.sum parts I find it boring but d story was wasn’t too bad.but I find it quite similar 2 d other book dat I read last time—the undomestic was lyk dey were havin a good time 2gether n den suddenly sumting big will happen 2 d gal n it was lyk d end of the world.den in d end,it was jz a misunderstanding o sumting n dey will get bek 2gether again.happy ending.

I feel lyk going bookstore tis week but d chances r quite slim.haih…next week have 2 give tuition again.i felt very lazy d.haha.

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