Friday, October 1, 2010

Dun understand

Last night was watching a part of a taiwanese tv show.To be honest, sometimes I think their show is a bit too over just to gain public attentions.And some of them can be very stupid, the celebrities like to put on school uniform with mini skirt and speak like a cartoon to make themselves look like a fool at times.

What I'm saying here is referring to certain taiwan tv show, Not All.

Talking about the show that I watched last night is about 小小彬.

At 1st, I think is entertaining cause he is really cute and the way he talk like an adult was really funny. But in one part of the show, they make him confess to 蝴蝶姐姐 make me feel very sick. Worst thing is they even make him kiss her for twice and repeat the scene for several times. I feel very disgust and hate those people who come out with this idea.How could they be so cruel to a six years old kids?How could they exploit a child's naive and innocent just to earn more money? This is really bad. I wonder how he will end up in the future, in terms of his characteristics and social behavior.

Plus I read about how his dad help him to accept all kinds of jobs using an excuse saying that is to give him some exposures in different areas but think again, is such exposures really important? He is just a kid.He deserve to have a normal childhood as what we have. Fame is not everything. Money as well.

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