Friday, October 1, 2010

Im still Awake?!

Yes, the always low-mode battery a.ka. ME is still alive at this time without knowing what to do and what to eat cause I'm hungry.

Bread? A BIG CROSS. In just one year of sandwich life,I'm sick of eating bread. This is such a headache everytime when it comes to every single morning when I need to think of what to prepare for my lunch. How I wish there is ONE multi-choice restaurant here.I huess I'm just too pampered by the large varieties of food in Malaysia for the past 22 years. Oops, did I just reveal my age? I'm kinda hate recalling and tell people about my age now.I hate getting old.I cun imagine one day someone actually call me AUNTIE. It's gonna me the beginning of my nightmare--- Auntie Life.Oh goshhh. Wonder how would I turn into by the "auntie age"?Hmmmm, I try to keep tis for myself and well, U just let ur imaginations go wild den.hehe.

Yesterday I received the parcel that I posted on last month from Malaysia.It was so happy to see all the familiar things that I eat and used in Malaysia that actually right in front of me. I just feel like I'm the winner of some lucky draw that day.And yet, I'm not satisfied.I'm kinda greedy to be honest.I wished that I posted more and more.This is so not enough.Ahhhhhhh, I just miss everything.

Talking about the weather which is the most depressing things to be mentioned. I really feel like shouting to the gloomy sky this morning:" Where is my sunny day? Did u made a mistake?? It's autumn now!!! I wan more sunshine!!!! I dun wanna wrap myself into a PULUT starting from now!!!"

Week 2 is almost over and yet, I'm still not in the mood yet.Summer holiday is never enough for all of us.haha. Cun imagine next time when I get into work.My boss is gonna kill me for having the ideas to go for holiday most of the time.hehehe.

Ok, I guess the grumbling stomach doesnt allow me to dwell any longer here.I guess I need to find some biscuits as my supper.I wan teh tarik,wantan meeeeeee:((((

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