Saturday, October 2, 2010


Watched Coming Soon together atBalakong
Sunway Lagoon
Sungkai Trip
On arrival to the UK- Dine at May Sum
Trip to Manchester
BBQ Post exam events
CNY- Feb 2010
Stonehenge- Jan 2010
Barcelona Winter Trip
We do silly things together
We get hyper together
We bully Ee Teen together as well.Opps!

Is glad that I had a bunch of good friends in the University.Is been 3 years plus from now and yet, the bond between us still stay strong. 1 year later, we will be in different places to start our career. Everyone has different plans and decisions to make in their life.What I do hope is, our friendship will never change. We will still keep in touch with each other and hang out once in awhile just like what we did in our university years.

I will never forget all the fun and crazy stuff that we girls do together such as post exam activities in Sunway Lagoon, buffet and Tenji and Jogoya, Karaoke session in Sungai Long, Sungkai Trip, watching Coming Soon late at night....and the list continues even when we landed in Uk.

Still remember the 1st trip that we went together--Barcelona. I really hope that we can make this once again as our graduation trip.

1st time spending Chinese New Year together, eating tong yuen together and celebrate each other birthday here...

All these memories with all of you will stay in my heart forever.I'm lucky to have meet you guys.I'm glad that fate brings us together and makes my 4 years university life a wonderful one.I hope that our friendship will last forever...

I love all of u-- Lee Ting, Sher Ling, Han Yin, Uwen, Vivian, Siew Wui, Ee teen, Fong Wen and our indian branch member-- Peoy Shiam:)

With lotsa love,
Tsi Ngar

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